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Middle School Volunteer Opportunities 2013-2014

It takes MANY volunteers to provide all the opportunities we offer our middle schoolers. Below is a list of positions and volunteers for the 2013-2014 year. For more details on any of these positions, please see the Volunteering section in the 2011-2012 MS Handbook (pdf). To find out more about volunteer opportunities, contact MS PTA representatives Sarah Weld and Cindy Pierson.


Instant Wine Cellar Captain & Benefit Wine Basket Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteers: Leigh Kjeldsen, Barbara Murrer and Per Ljung


MS PTA Board Representatives

2013-2014 Volunteers:  Katrina Saba and Lisa Chavez


Field Trip Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteer:  Sarah Holliman


Athletic Director

2013-2014 Volunteer:  Monica Marcone


Middle School Treasurer

2013-2014 Volunteer:  Melissa Zaharias


8th Grade Night of Benefit Supervisors (one position)

2013-2014 Volunteer:  Cathy Ward & Elizabeth Goldman

Benefit Coordinators for Middle School donations

2013-2014 Volunteers:  Lori Fogarty and Aviva Black


Walkathon Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteer:  AnnaMae Wilson and Donna Hanson


Social Activities Coordinator (One or two positions)

2013-2014 Volunteer:  Sarah Campbell and Sara Bedford


Community Service Representative (One Volunteer Per Grade)

2013-2014 Volunteers: Jill Berrick (Lead/6th Grade), Cathy Ward (7th Grade), Julie Fleming (8th Grade)


Graduation Committee Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteer: Diane Diamond


Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteer:  Lisa Chavez & 6th Grade parent TBD


Parents’ Night Out Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteers: Gina Hunt and Suzie Inadomi


Snack Bar Coordinator

2013-2014 Volunteer:   Andrea Booth


Pizza Friday

2013-2014 Volunteers: Amanda Noguera and Shawn Wong (Coordinators)

Pizza Friday staff: 


Childcare Coordinator for PTA Board Meetings (Two positions)

2013-2014 Volunteers:  Dominique Croteau  & Elizabeth Rynecki


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