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Hillcrest School

Faculty 2013-2014

Principal Lissa Hines 879-1270
  Office Admin Joan Cannon 879-1270
  Secretary Khadejha Valere 879-1270
  Custodian Latasha Armstrong
  Kindergarten Alice Rochester
Joseph Shogren
  First Grade Mary Jardine
Candace Inclan
  Second Grade Marianne McLaughlin
Barbara Buswell
  Third Grade Hallie Bahr
Brooke Nelson
  Fourth Grade Christina Freschl (Humanities, Harvard and Yale)
Susan Weinberg (4th/5th Grade Mathematics)
Noah Canton (4th/5th Grade Science)
  Fifth Grade Ann Iversen/Claudia Staniford (Humanities, Princeton and Cornell)
  Middle School Patrick Dyer (6th Grade Humanities, 6-8 Science)
Eileen Massey (7th and 8th Grade Humanities and MS Chair)
Gail Scruggs (7th Grade Math, Algebra I, and Geometry)
  Art Denys Adida
  Kinesthetic Education Tony (Coach T) Knight
  Librarian Patricia Sokalski
  Music Michael Carreira
  Middle School Band Peter Canton
  Physical Education Jesse Inclan / Donald Toomer
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