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Glossary of Hillcrest organizations


Parent Teacher Association (PTA) — The PTA's fundamental goal is to positively impact the lives of all children. The Hillcrest PTA does that in three primary ways, including but not limited to: (1) raising money through various fundraisers, such as the Auction, Walkathon, Donation Letter, Scrip/Retail Programs, etc., to provide for school needs (e.g., classroom support, art/music/other enrichment, etc.) that are not funded by district, state or federal funds; (2) providing programs to parents and children that are educational, informative and entertaining; and (3) communicating news, activities and information to parents and children through various means including the website, e-mail and the Yellow Pages.

School Site Council (SSC) — Every Oakland Unified School District school has an SSC, an elected body of parents and teachers representing the Hillcrest community. (Parents are elected by the parents, teachers by the teachers.) The SSC meets monthly, generally on the first Monday of the month, at 3 pm at the school. The SSC is generally charged with advising the Principal on programs, positive school climate, activities, and expenditures at the school. In particular, the SSC is responsible for reviewing and approving the Single Plan for Student Achievement as well as monitoring progress toward achieving that plan and recommending revisions as appropriate.

Steps to Respect — Steps to Respect is a bullying prevention program for grades 3-5, also developed by Committee for Children; see for more information about the organization. Children learn friendship skills and how to recognize, refuse and report bullying through videos, classroom discussions, skill practice, and children’s novels. Through role-plays, children learn how to respond empathetically to others and practice friendship skills.

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